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Typical purchasing list from our ...  [ 5/17/2014 ]

This is a real order, will deliver on June 2014, customer select all goods on siteNo.Produ...

Global Building Materials Industr...  [ 2/23/2014 ]

The global building materials market is expected to grow at more than 6% yearly through 20...

How to Estimate Building Material...  [ 1/6/2014 ]

Construction and demolition (C&D) materials are generated when new structures are buil...

Size of the Construction Industry  [ 1/4/2014 ]

 The amount of C&D materials that are generated and subsequently managed in the <...

Go shopping in Hokay Buildmart


One-stop export base of China top 10 brand manufacturers in building material and household industry, here integrate more than 500 factories, greatly save your time and cost, offer quality tile, bathtub, outdoor spa, kitchen cabinet, window & door, furniture, etc. We support wholesale, retail, and mixed batch, offer custom made service on request follow your drawing. We win high reputation from serving our old customers from all over the world.


Can we go shopping on spot?


Yes, certainly you can, you are welcome visit Hokay buildmart in Shenzhen, especially for those people who need buy many different items, here will be well suited with their place since there are more than 200,000 square meter exhibition hall, more than million various sample products for your choice. Rich and varied products, up-to-date design will beyond your imagination, different grade will meet different consumptive level and like, offer custom made for your individual requirements as well. We believe you can buy almost all you need and like from here,  your trip will be well worthwhile.  Furthermore, we will offer translation service, after you put order, we will trace your order during production stage and transportation stage. Many customers gradually find this is most cost-effective purchase channel, so they recommend it to their friends and relative. “Build your beautiful home” at your will, is our will as well,


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